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Aluminium Treads

Alu treads are aesthetically pleasing and commonly used in office stairwell applications.

The extruded Aluminium tread plates are manufactured as double and single tracks with removable nonslip insert cartridges. The removable tracks may be purchased separately. The cartridges are made from SBR rubber rib or fine alumina oxide grit depending on the requirements.

Reflectorized tape or luminescent tape is inserted alongside the removable cartridges as an added safety feature. In certain applications, emergency lighting is not required as the tread lux is adequate – a large cost saving feature. In addition, the tread lux allows for high visibility and with luminescent tape light up for over 8 hours in a power failure.

New coloured Alu tread inserts: 

Be bold, be colourful and be creative with the new Supersafe Systems tread inserts. There are a variety of colours available to suit you office or home environment. Call one or our consultants for more information.