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Supersafe Systems cc are the market leaders of anti-slip products in South Africa and our products are also sold extensively abroad. We are the inventor and manufacturer of the patented Modular Non slip safety stair tread (Patent No.97/9458) and therefore the sole suppliers of this product.

Our anti-slip products are clinically tested at the SABS and carry a test certificate (SABS 2538/1769/MT08). We are the only anti–slip company to have this most important feature to offer our clients.

All our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 quality controlled factory environment, we offer a 3 year wear and tear guarantee and all installation work is guaranteed for one year. Records of all treads manufactured are kept in our ISO 9001 System.

Our company believes in service excellence and we employ a qualified SHE Practitioner that is available at all times to assist in the event of any query you may have in this regard.

Supersafe Systems have carried out supply and installation of our non-slip products to DWAF some 8 years ago. The products are still in excellent usable condition.


Our tread aggregates are a mixture of products just below industrial diamonds in hardness and will not wear out easily. There are material restrains impregnated between the laminates to give cross sectional strength and our epoxies are made with elasticity to withstand nominal bending and vibration.

Our tapes are engineered to withstand gamma rays and are the product is non-static.

The backing plates are 304 grade stainless steel which should give a lifetime of hardwearing use in all weather conditions.

Our ladder rung treads are made with exactly the same quality standards and specifications as the treads. All fixing materials are also stainless steel and/or only the best quality adhesives and silicones.

There is a high degree of technology in making what seems to be a simple product.

Our matting systems are used extensively by John Deere in America and they have been rated by them as the “best in the world!”

Our anti slip products are proven to work successfully in any rugged areas with greases /oils /dusts/ fats and water. These have been designed for best results with a neoprene safety type boot that most industries commonly use.

Our Supersafe Speed Bumps have a unique shape to effectively slow vehicles of all sizes on various speed roads. The Speed Bumps are highly visible on bitumen, brick paving and concrete surfaces. This ensures that motorists see the bumps before they approach and have ample time to slow down.

With a design life of over 10 years, Speed Bumps are designed to carry all types and weight of traffic.

All our installation workmanship is guaranteed for one year and all the products used are of the highest quality available.

Our installation team are extensively trained in Health and Safety. They carry with them at all times a comprehensive Health and Safety File. They are First Aid trained with proof or their medical fitness. They are always fully supervised by a competent supervisor who is appointed 16(2) of the OSH Act.

Proof of insurance and Public Liability is provided along with a current Letter of Good Standing.

They carry with them all the necessary PPE required for all applications of their trade.

Our after sales service offers a qualified SHE Practitioner for consultations in the event of a legal claim.

We take pride in the quality and longevity of our products and our workmanship.