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Who We Are

Supersafe Systems cc is the inventor and manufacturer of the patented Modular Non slip safety stair tread (Patent No.97/9458).Therefore the sole suppliers. We are the market leaders of anti-slip products in the country and are also sold extensively abroad.

Our company has a research and development capability that will continue to enhance products to ensure that Supersafe maintains a competitive edge in anti slip technology.

Our Mission is to supply the various industries in South Africa and abroad with our non slip safety products which will minimise costly incidents within the workplace, hence improving incident/accident statistics, and enhancing productivity.

We commit ourselves to providing non slip products of the highest quality and ensure service and product excellence.

Keeping you on your feet since 1996!

Latest Supersafe Products

Electric Mat

High Voltage Electric Mats
Electric Mats are specially designed to be installed in High Voltage and Low Voltage substations and switch rooms.

Electrance Mats

Make an entrance
Supersafe Systems specialise in reproducing company logos into a variety of different matting products for both exterior and interior applications.