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Are domestic falls your downfall?

Are domestic falls your downfall?

Are domestic falls your downfall?

A weight bares on the shoulders of businesses to ensure safety measures are put in place to avoid costly slips and falls in the workplace. The question is what about the change rooms and/or bathrooms?

Every year, thousands of people end up in hospital emergency rooms due to shower falls and other injuries suffered in the bathroom.

According to a 2011 report published by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the figure stands at around 235,000 people per year.

Although outdated, the CDC Mortality report estimated that the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink caused 234,094 nonfatal injuries in the U.S.

While people have long known that the bathroom can be a hazardous area for slips and falls, the CDC report was the first to quantify how many people suffer injuries in the bathroom and under what circumstances.

Ultimately, more research is required as to whether prevention mechanisms introduced have reduced the mortality rate for both young and old.


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